Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Half Way There!!

Hey everyone..if you've been following me Id like to apologize for not updating more often but it has proven extremely difficult to find the time to get on a computer to do so. This is when I wish I had a smart phone with the capability to get on and blog whenever. In fact Ive been keeping a journal and even that don't get attention everyday. But anyway..I am halfway to Vancouver. Today I am in Duluth, MN and I have a day off hence the reason for the update. If you'd like to see pictures of the trip please head to bikeandbuild.org and check the 2010 route tracker. Here you will be able to see where Ive been, where the group has built and where we are going not to mention pics. I wish I could describe how awesome this experience has been so far better than just saying it awesome. Ive crossed the Appalachian Mountains and the Adirondacks, been to Niagara Falls, seen miles upon miles of beautiful country. Missed a moose siting but Ive seen lots of other cool wildlife like Great Herons, Red Foxes, Bald Eagles and more. I'm sure I will see lots more when I get into Montana and the Glacier National Park area. I am really hoping to see a bear on this trip. Some of the other cool stuff going on was some cliff jumping yesterday. I did a 20 foot jump while some of the others went off a cliff closer to 40 feet. I am regretting no doing that one a little bit but the water was hard to see through and even though the others did it many times successfully I did not want to risk any misfortune that would keep me from riding. Plus I am sure I will have other opportunities to jump off a cliff of such height and 20 feet was still a hell of a rush. 3 riders have done Mohawks and 3 of the girls shaved there heads. Random dance parties breaking out at lunch and host sites. The rides have been getting steadily longer...70 plus miles everyday. My endurance has increased quite a bit. All in all its been amazing and a journey that I will never forget. I cannot say for certain when my next post will be but please follow me with the route tracker. Thanks again to all those who supported me to get here. Later.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Journey Begins

Whats up everyone..it's day 6 of my cross country adventure with Bike and Build and let me say it is amazing. Sorry that I didn't post sooner but Internet access isn't always available or I just don't get time(there's almost always something to do). So I'm just gonna give a quick run down of the last 6 days.
So last Sunday I met my team. 32 crazies just like me from 18 different states. Sunday and Monday were orientation(you know getting to know everyone and goin over rules, safety policies and what not. Tuesday we had our first build day right there in Portsmouth, NH. And then Wednesday finally came and the excitement mounted. It was time for the wheel dip. We all rode to the beach and walked into the freezing water of the Atlantic and dipped out rear tires in, took a couple group photos, thanks those who came to see us off and then we saddled up and headed for Concord, NH 60 miles away. We left Concord Thursday morning and rode off towards New London, NH. From there we headed to Lebanon, NH(which is where I am as we speak) and today was another build day. Unfortunately not all of us were needed for the build so some of us stayed at the church and did some clean up and washed the van(which btw is called Elvis). The views while riding have been amazing. Ive hit a new top speed record of 53.7 mph(booyah!!). Yesterday we stopped at a lake while riding and jumped in to cool off for a bit before riding into town. I really wish I had more time to describe so more of my team, the rides and how awesome our host have been to us but my session is almost up(I'm on a computer at the local library and we only get 30min). Also I do have picture to post but I couldn't link my camera up to this computer, but don't worry they will be up as soon asap. Well I guess that wraps it up for now. Stay tuned for more to come. Especially the pics!

Monday, May 17, 2010

So I decided that it was about time that I start uploading some pics for you guys so you can see that I have actually been training and what have you. Threw in some pics of what I call "The food of Champions"..mind you I can't eat that stuff all the time but since I have been working so hard its nice when I get to be bad and enjoy the pure deliciousness of a homemade Bacon Maple Cheddar Burger w/ caramelized onions(and I mean onions cooked in actual caramel :P) or a nice Egg sandwich with Buffalo Chicken and three cheeses(oh yeah Cheddar, Jack and Munster). And yes I have been training my butt off thank you very much. The official count is 33 days 'till launch and I am super pumped. Been kicking my training into maniac mode and loving it. I cant wait to get to the top of the Rockies an laugh at them..they don't know who there dealing with..BRING IT ON YOU SILLY MOUNTAINS!!! YOU GOT NOTHING ON ME!!! NOTHING!!! Been riding and running and kick boxing galore. Anyway here are some pics from some of my rides...stay tuned for the ones from the trip...enjoy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mail Drops

Hey guys..for anyone who was curious as to whether or not they'd be able to send any care packages or what not to me on the road..the answer is yes. The mail drops list has just been posted on the Bike and Build site. The link is 2010 Mail Drops on the page or you can just click the link to the left side under the other links I've put up on here.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Update

To all of those who have been checking this thing I apologize. Ive been real busy with work and training and trying to get everything in order for the trip. Just got word I need to have my health info and health insurance all taken care of by May 7th. Well, I applied fro health insurance hoping that Id be able to have it cover my physical, but they told me I need to get one before they can accept the application. Oh well, Its just a minor speed bump. Everything else is moving just fine. Ive ridden 250 miles outta the 500 I need to before I leave, though I still need to get in a 65 mile ride..again, no biggie..Ill have that done before I leave for sure. I have to schedule my sweat equity time though..probably gonna do it with Habitat for Humanity. Also I'm sure all of you are wondering why there are no pics up yet...well I have a camera(thanks to my awesome siblings who got me one for x-mas)I just haven't developed and itchy shutter finger yet, but don't worry they will start showing up soon. Thanks again to all of those giving me support. Keep checking in. 62 DAYS TILL I HEAD FOR VANCOUVER!!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Vancouver here I come

Hey hey everybody. I know I know, its been forever since Ive been on to post anything new. I'm sorry. Ive just been busy with work and training and fundraising and all that jazz. Well as the title of this post states... HERE I COME VANCOUVER!!!! Yeah that's right I have finally reached the $4000 mark. Actually Ive gone past it a little too. I hope the donations keep coming but at least I can breathe easy knowing I have reached the goal. Any way all I need to do now is keep up my training, get some health insurance and get a physical. Oh and do some volunteer work with an AHG(Affordable Housing Group). I cant not even begin to describe the feeling of excitement that I'm feeling...it actually more like an adrenaline rush. I cannot wait for this most epic of all adventure to begin. AAAAAAHHHHHH BIKE AND BUILD NUS 2010!!!! LETS DO THIS!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Alright so once again it has been over a month since I made a post. Its not that I forget to come on and post stuff but rather that I have been very busy. Ya know work, training(which Ive been have to do inside 'cause of the weather lately) and fundraising. Oh yeah speaking of which I only need another $450 to reach my goal of $4000. Yeas that's right I have raised $3550. While I'm at it let me do some shout outs that I meant to do last post. I would like to say thanks to my Aunt Fran and Aunt Pat and to my buddy Carl from the v-ball court. You have all been so kind and supportive of my efforts to help make a difference...I cant even tell you how much it means to me....thank you everyone who has helped me get this far towards my goal for your support and generosity. Thank you everyone so much. 3 1/2 months left to the start of my trip....oh I cant wait....LETS GO NUS '10!!!!